Cfp ISCH 2011 annual conference “History – memory – myth: Re-presenting the past”

The next annual ISCH-conference will take place in Oslo, Norway, in August 2011. Please note that the deadline for proposals (sessions and papers) is October 15.

Links to submission form is found at the conference web-site:
International Society for Cultural History annual conference “History – memory – myth: Re-presenting the past”

The conference theme “re-presenting the past” communicates with the international and interdisciplinary field of collective memory, which has grown considerably during the last decades. Studies of commemorations and festivals, monuments, exhibitions and museums, historical films and narratives are now numerous. Terms such as social memory, collective or collected memory, kulturelle Gedächtnis, lieux de mémoire, the presence of the past and the use of history all illustrate the scholarly interest in how the past – or images of it – is constructed, composed, negotiated and built up, but also demolished, dismantled and rejected. This constructional work has been investigated on the individual level, concerning personal memories and private history. Studies in this field have also focused on processes of nation building, the construction of ethnical or other group identities, and heritage care and preservation.
You are invited to propose sessions and invidividual papers for the conference; further thematic characterizations can be found in the CFP, and proposals for papers and sessions should be sent in by October 15th 2010 (webpage for submission of proposals will soon be available). Please note that to give a paper, you will have to be a member of ISCH.

All the best,
Anne Eriksen
Head of conference committee

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